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The Loxahatchee and Acreage area has been plagued for years by not having adequate representation at the County, State and Federal level. ITID powers and authority are limited to what is in their Charter. It does not include land use, zoning, code enforcement or even the ability to decide where stop signs should be added or what the speed limits should be on our local roads. Our tax dollars go East while we carry the full burden of expenses for our community ourselves through ITID assessments while others benefit from our infrastructure for free.

We have been our own worst enemies by thinking that if we just say “No”, this will affect decisions and prevent changes in our community. All the while, saying “No” has been ignored and changes that we don’t want have been happening, in the past few years, the changes are coming fast and furious.

We now have a City in the center of our community. We have Palm Beach Gardens encroaching on our North, having approved Avenir which is a larger development than Minto, Ancient Tree built and the annexation by the City of Palm Beach Gardens of Carlton Oaks on the north side of Northlake, as well as Bay Hill and Rustic Lakes on the South side of Northlake. State Road 7 is continuing to be legally challenged by the City of West Palm Beach stopping it from being built. The Palm Beach TPA (Transportation Planning Agency), controlled by the large cities to the East of us, has now reallocated the funds to build SR7, until the lawsuit is settled. The widening of Northlake beyond 6 lanes, west of the Beeline, was opposed by Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach.

Developers are knocking on the County’s door for more and more development in our area, while County road improvements have been delayed and lagging behind the traffic being generated by the developments surrounding us. The County and developers are relying on our ITID local roads, that we maintain with our ITID assessments, to handle the traffic. This is a significant and increasing cost burdening our community.

Traffic accidents and even deaths have been increasing in our community at an alarming rate, our equestrian community cannot safely use our dirt roads or even equestrian trails due to the amount of traffic and ignorance of people driving on our local roads. ITID doesn’t have the funds to improve the trails to make them safer because the funds are allocated to trying to keep up with maintenance of roads and trying to mitigate the impact of cut-through traffic on our local roads. County Rules being changed, Code enforcement increasing.

We have no voice in any of the decisions or issues that impact our community directly. We simply have outgrown remaining as we are being served by ITID. Most certainly, saying “No” is not an option any longer. We need the right to vote on incorporation. We (our community) need to control our own destiny. We need a voice. We need representation and authority. We need a seat at the table.

The “No” group is counting on the same old arguments, misinformation and scare tactics regarding the incorporation efforts. Their argument is that by doing nothing, we can stay as we are. They ignore the facts. Anyone who lives here knows this NOT to be true as we have seen the changes with our own eyes and experience it daily in our lives.

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results! YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE!


We are residents and landowners in the Loxahatchee/Acreage community, who desire the right to determine our future. We support the right to vote on incorporation. We believe informed residents are powerful. Self determination and a united community will allow us to thrive and be resilient well into the future as an agricultural and equestrian community.

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