We bid House Bill 1113 Farewell.

Hello fellow neighbors of the Acreage/Loxahatchee,

It brings us great sorrow to have to bring you this news. After almost three years of hard work, hundreds of hours away from our families, we are disappointed that once again, our request to have a referendum on determining our own future, has been denied by our own State Government. 

No sooner than it being discovered that our bill was dead, The City of Palm Beach Gardens came in for the first of what will be many swoops chewing away at our community from the Northeast. They have notified the County that they will be involuntary annexing the pre-approved commercial properties from the West of Bay Hill Estates to Grapeview Blvd on the South side of Northlake. There are 16 landowners of the property being annexed, 10 of them agree to annexation while the other 6 do not want it. 

Other annexation news, certain Town Council members of the Town of Loxahatchee Groves have made it known over the past couple of years, that they wish to annex in a portion of land at Southern that was included in our proposed boundaries. The City of Wellington is also planning future annexations to our South and West, including portions of land that are in our proposed incorporation boundaries. 

All of our VoteLox group has been working hard to try to give our community a voice. We see the writing on the wall. It will be death by a million cuts to our community, but people say we are fear mongering. As long as we sit back and do nothing, developers, surrounding municipalities, the County and the State, will continue to pluck us apart. The State is helping us be torn apart, divided….piece by piece, by not allowing us to vote and decide what we want for ourselves. 

Although this is the second slap in the face by our local and State government, we will be reviewing the possibilities for a path forward. We cannot allow our community to be swallowed up even though some think and want you to believe “nothing is changing” or “leave it as it is”. Things are changing right before our very eyes and have been for several years. Our only agenda has been to give our community the right to decide for ourselves.  Shame on those that continue to spread misinformation about our efforts. We will continue to provide the facts and information as much as possible. Be sure you register your email address on our home page here for future updates. We will not give up to obtain our American right to vote.

17 responses to “We bid House Bill 1113 Farewell.”

  1. That is very disappointing.

  2. So sorry to hear but please know that all your hard work is greatly appreciated. Little by little, those who think that doing nothing is the best course will regret this.

  3. Sorry to hear it! Thank you and the others for all the hard work you have been doing to help are community.

  4. Let’s keep on fighting thank you for your work and update

  5. I’m curious. Why was this request turned down? Did they even give you a reason?

  6. Yes I’m curious about why the request was denied too

  7. I am also very curious on why it was denied. Was this effort fought by our local reps?

  8. For those that want to know why this bill was dead in the water before it even got to the House and Senate, here is the reason…. Note the lobbyists involved….


  9. What was the breakdown on the vote? I thought we’d be notified so that we could drive up to support (moot if the odds were long in any case). We will need to circle the wagons again…

    1. There was never a vote. The Chair of the first committee refused to put the bill on the agenda. She was against our right to vote due to outside influences.

  10. We are supportive of all of your efforts. We stand with our neighbors who just want things to stop moving “forward”. More cement, more traffic, more chaos! Not why we settled here. I grew up in South Florida when we had swamps, No Freeways, tourists who went home. I am saddened by all of the changes that are being rushed to completion only to move onto the next project.

  11. Denise Brunner Avatar
    Denise Brunner

    Bob Thank you for all the effort you and the group have put in. It is seriously sad.

  12. […] “No sooner than it being discovered that our bill was dead, the city of Palm Beach Gardens came in for the first of what will be many swoops chewing away at our community from the Northeast,” Morgan wrote on his website. […]

  13. “The additional costs to the city of Palm Beach Gardens will be for increased mosquito spraying, additional refuse collection and general government services.” The report put the boost to city property tax collections at $68,971……

    Quite obvious that PBG left out the fact that two of the parcels are already approved and planned for commercial, 2 gas station, shopping plaza and a drive thru eatery, which will bring in much more in revenue than what they stated of $67K. This is only the beginning of the end of Northlake being a part of “The Acreage”. Westward ho!

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