Town Hall Meeting – 10/27/2021 @ 6:30 PM

Hello all! Our next town hall meeting is scheduled for 10/26 at 6:30 PM. Meet & Greet starts at 6:30, meeting starts at 7 PM. Please bring your questions that you wish to have answered or comments you wish to make. We would like to ask that you please wait to be called upon to speak as the noise level in the Hamlin House gets quite confusing when more than one is speaking. We would also like for you to reach out to Lou Calantuoni @ 561-236-5696 to sign up for the meeting, space is limited. Maximum occupation is 78 persons and we need to make sure we can accommodate you. The address is as follows:
Hamlin House
14893 89th Pl N, Loxahatchee. FL 33470.

Again, please reach out to Lou Calantuoni @ 561-236-5696 to register. We hope to see you there!

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