Public Notice 01-24-2023

Legal notice of Bill being filed for a referendum on incorporation of the Village of Loxahatchee – 01-24-2023

Notice is hereby given of the intent to apply to the 2023 Session(s) of the Florida Legislature for passage of:
An act relating to Palm Beach County; creating and establishing the Village of Loxahatchee; providing a charter; providing legislative intent; providing boundaries; providing municipal powers; providing for a council-manager form of government and composition and election of the council; providing for eligibility, terms, duties, compensation, and reimbursement of expenses of council members; providing for a mayor and vice mayor; providing scheduling requirements of council meetings; prohibiting interference with village employees; providing for filling of vacancies and forfeiture of office; providing for the appointment of a village manager and village attorney and the qualifications, removal, powers, and duties thereof; providing for the establishment of village departments, agencies, personnel, and boards; providing for an annual independent audit; providing that the State is not liable for financial shortfalls of the village; providing for nonpartisan elections and matters relating thereto; providing for the recall of council members; providing for initiative and referenda; providing for a code of ethics; providing for future amendments to the charter; providing for severability; providing a village transition schedule and procedures for the first election; providing for first-year expenses; providing for adoption of comprehensive plans and land development regulations; providing for accelerated entitlement to state-shared revenues; providing for entitlement to all local revenue sources allowed by general law; providing for the sharing of communications services tax revenues; providing for receipt and distribution of local option gas tax revenues; providing for continuation of the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Municipal Service Taxing Unit; providing for continuation of the Palm Beach County Library Taxing District; providing for law enforcement; providing for the continuation of the Indian Trail Improvement District and for the transfer of certain District assets and liabilities; providing for waiver of specified eligibility provisions; requiring a referendum; providing effective dates.

Lou Colantuoni, Robert Morgan and Elizabeth Accomando
VoteLox Citizens Group
DATED this 20th day of January, 2023.
8349629 1/24/23

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