PBG Encroaches Further Into The Acreage / Loxahatchee

It seems to be a busy week for our community, some good, some not so good, as in this plan. Palm Beach Gardens Council will be holding a meeting on 05/04/2023 @ 6 PM for the second reading of the involuntary annexation of several properties along Northlake Blvd, reaching as far as Grapeview Blvd. The meeting will be held at 10500 N Military Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33410. Please attend this meeting to voice your opinion on the continued encroachment into our community. PBG plans to take additional land along Northlake into the Acreage, some that is already approved for commercial and could be part of our municipality if and when the State ever allows us our American right to vote. Although the Feasibility Study showed we would have been self-sustainable before this commercial property having been built, this would have added additional income if we do incorporate. Let your voices be heard if at all possible.

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