PBC Zoning Meeting 08/30/2023 @ 9:30 AM – RE: Large Commercial Vehicles

This is the proposal being brought to the Board of County Commissioners from Staff regarding the storage of large commercial vehicles. The meeting is planned for 08/30/2023 @ 9:30 AM. Be sure to attend in person if you are able to. It is requested that you wear red if you are in support of the project. Live streaming should be available at https://discover.pbcgov.org/pages/ch20live.aspx

Meeting address: 301 N. Olive Rd WPB, FL 33401

7 responses to “PBC Zoning Meeting 08/30/2023 @ 9:30 AM – RE: Large Commercial Vehicles”

  1. I am completely in favor of home owners of an acre or more of private property such as in the Acreage zip code 33470 being able to store commercial vehicles on their own private property!

  2. This is not commercial property! This is zoned for residential! Has never been zoned for commercial! I prefer to keep it residential!

    1. Having a car with a sign on the side of it does not constitute changing zoning to a commercial steel mill factory.

  3. Leave people in Lox and the Acreage alone. Let them leave any, and as many, commercial vehicles on their lots as they can fit. ELIMINATE, fence and hedge row heights. There should be no limits on being allowed to grow a tree on your own land.

  4. Roseanne Hughes Avatar
    Roseanne Hughes

    Why do you always send these messages the day after the meetings? Is it because you do not want any opinions that are different than your own?

    1. Hello Ms. Rosanne,

      No, that is not the case. I didn’t even think to put the meeting info on the VoteLox site since this was initially dedicated to the self protection of our community (incorporation). There were signs posted all over the community as well as posts on several local Facebook groups by the team that is heading this effort. If you would like to keep informed on this subject, they have a web site at fixourcodes.org . I will however, try to post more community oriented events that affect our community on this web site, not just incorporation related material.

      Bob Morgan

    2. Ms. Rosanne,

      I just checked the date of the post and it was posted on 08/27, the meeting was on 08/30. Your comment is not true, it was posted 3 days before the meeting. The email notification goes out immediately, we cannot control when you check your emails.

      Bob Morgan

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