PBC BCC Meeting 09/01/2022 re: Commercial vehicles

Hello resident, for those that have been involved or wish to get involved regarding the County’s stance on the allowance of commercial vehicles, they have a meeting planned for 09/01/2022 @ 9:30 at the government building at 301 N. Olive Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Unfortunately, we have yet to be officially notified of this meeting, I just so happened to find a screen shot of the email below posted by a local resident. This is how the treatment of our community continues to be handled by PBC. Luckily, one resident was notified but that seems to be the ongoing case, let as little as possible know what’s going on out here. I have since wrote our Commissioner the displeasure for the lack of communication again, for a second time, regarding this particular matter. If you are able to attend, please do. If this is too short of notice, and understandably so, we apologize but it was out of our control. Below is the meeting details and it includes links where it can be viewed online or TV (Local TV channel 20, also Channel 20 on Xfinity. I will add the link separately as the links can’t be clicked on from the image. The agenda for this meeting is also below, commercial vehicles will be discussed on agenda item 4D-Excutive Director’s comments.

Live video (starts at 9:30 on 09/01/2022)
https://www.youtube.com/pbcgov20 (Youtube)
https://www.facebook.com/pbcgov (Facebook)

One response to “PBC BCC Meeting 09/01/2022 re: Commercial vehicles”

  1. Linda Morgan Smith Avatar
    Linda Morgan Smith

    I will not be attending. Reason being, I was against all these commercial vehicles and semi trucks and commented on an app called Nextdoor and was ridiculed.
    It’s bad enough when you have regular big trucks and RVs and huge Semi trucks two at one property. One commercial vehicle depending on the size is fine. Campers and RVs must remain in the back of the home. ok if property is maintained. Absolutely, No Semi trucks they damage our roads and is costly. This is counter productive bringing in rock and than grading our roads and Semi trucks running on them. The roads cost a lot to maintain and is an endless cycle allowing these semi to be parked on residential properties. The Acreage was suppose to never allowed Semi Trucks. The county did not enforce this rule. The Acreage was like a step child. They need a yard on Southern to store and have security to monitor. Why should we have rigs almost getting stuck in our swales. I do not like my car hitting bumps and pot holes in our road. Nor does my husband appreciate his classic car riding on our road. Why should we have to submit to these conditions. I lived out here since 1996 two different location and homes. No one wants to enforce rules and you know if you don’t it becomes lawlessness. Stand up take ownership and enforce the rules/ laws!

    Thanking you in advance, Linda Morgan Smith

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