Palm Beach Gardens Involuntary Annexation Northlake Blvd (north and south) to Grapeview Blvd., The Acreage

Good afternoon Acreage/Lox residents. I wanted to post this ASAP in order to get the word out that Palm Beach Gardens is continuing to encroach into our neighborhood. They have submitted notice to Palm Beach County informing them of their plans to involuntarily annex the north and south side of Northlake Blvd from Bay Hill Estates to Grapeview Blvd., south to Hamlin Blvd. These areas are mostly zoned commercial and would be revenue for our community if/when our community ever decides to self-govern. This is not going to stop. More info to come as it becomes available.

Bob Morgan, President
Acreage Landowners Association

8 responses to “Palm Beach Gardens Involuntary Annexation Northlake Blvd (north and south) to Grapeview Blvd., The Acreage”

  1. Will they be able to do this given we have already submitted our plans to the state which I believe includes the south side of Northlake in the Acreage / Lox area?

    1. The Bill was already dead at that point and PBG knew it.

      1. Where can I see that the bill is dead? I can only see it at First Reading status. Thanks.

  2. We need to incorporate before it’s too late. This is the plan; the City of Palm Beach Gardens will continue annexation westbound along Northlake Blvd. and then start spreading out into the neighborhoods. This is why our neighboring municipalities didn’t want us to incorporate to begin with, the plan for them has and always will be to attempt to take us over. Isn’t this why they fought so hard to take away our chance to vote the first go around? Don’t fall for the lies. Incorporate now!!

  3. So sad
    And some people are against Incorporation let’s see what they’re going to do to stop Palm Beach Gardens and all the others

  4. Everybody needs to stop with the craziness. This is all gaslighting by these few individuals. Not denying that Palm Beach Gardens is annexing. They are only doing it because these commercial properties want it. At this point, if the inevitable is to have another layer of government. Then it may make more sense to be annexed and we should vet which community we would prefer to be part of and study that (ex. Palm beach gardens, Wellington, Lox Groves, etc…) As they already have the infrastructure in place and we can help each other from cost perspective and such. These people that keep trying to gas light everyone are exactly that gas lighters… No need to get excited. You notice they do not put forward all the possible solutions only the ones that they want you to be focused on and directed towards. Bring it fellas….I like and will continue to support an unincorporated Loxahatchee now and always!!!!!!! Less Government is never a bad thing!

  5. Shirley Collins Avatar
    Shirley Collins

    Are we having another meeting anytime soon?. Would Palm Beach County allow these folks to annex our community w/o our input?.

    1. Not sure if any meetings are planned currently. If there are, we will post it here and it will notify you if you are registered on the home page. As for the PBG annexation, County cant say anything about it. As for future annexation, that is possible. It cant happen without a vote but if you are not sure who has recently moved into your unit, it is possible to end up with a majority of folks that wish to. Promises for services can be made to residents of a unit and sway the vote as well. They are tricky on how they plan it, but we have one unit out west that has several properties owned by developers and the amount of registered voters is very low..

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