Palm Beach County Zoning Meeting – 5-26-2022 (discusses commercial vehicles in our community)

Hello neighbors!
The PBC BCC held a zoning meeting today which included a discussion of the possibility of an ordinance change that would allow commercial vehicles larger that 12,500 lbs (class 6 and above) to be parked on our properties. Up until today, the thought was that the BCC removed those rights in 2019 and learned that the changes made back then, applied only to commercial vehicles 12,500 lbs or less. Even with the back and forth discussions with the County, ITID, and The ALA, it was assumed this also included semi trucks. Our communications specifically mentioned semi truck rules being restored, but were never corrected until todays meeting. The ALA apologies for any misinformation that was broadcast in error regarding this ordinance change.
Today, Commissioner Melissa McKinlay brought the discussion back to the table to see what options could be taken in order to allow an ordinance change to permit these vehicles on our land. One option was an overlay that would cover our area, something that was adamantly denied on several occasions in the past, ‘the rules need to apply to the whole county, not just to some, to monitor this would be confusing’ was a comment made when the overlay was requested. Another option, which may be part of any other finalized decisions, is to obtain permits requesting permission, the same as what landscaping companies are now required to do to store their vehicles on their property. It was then brought up that another route would be for The Acreage/Loxahatchee to incorporate, therefore allowing the local municipality & residents to create the codes that would suit our lifestyle.
The BCC needs information from ITID within 90 days in order to have something completed by the time the elections are complete, as Ms. McKinlay is on her last term. We need as many residents as possible to email the county commissioners (be sure to include the bcc- portion of the email address) with your thoughts, as well as attend the meetings when this comes up for discussion or a vote. We will attempt to inform the community here, our FB page as well as some of the local groups. Unfortunately, Ms. McKinlay’s staff did not publicize this meeting until Tuesday, so planning to be at the meeting was a bit difficult with such short notice. She did apologize for the late announcement and stated she will do better on future dates. Thank you Ms. McKinlay for bringing this back for discussion.
If you wish to watch the meeting, here is the link. Fast forward to 3:01:50 for the beginning of this discussion. It is quite informative and good information for our residents.

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