Meeting minutes for 04/04/2022

Lou began the meeting introducing himself, Bob, and Elizabeth.

Lou asked who in the audience was aware of the referendum process.

Briefly reviewed the process and spoke on the presentation.

We spoke about the pressing issue of property taxes . Residents with a value under 300k will likely see a slight decrease, while newer owners may see an increase. ITID taxes will be reduced by approximately 75 percent as they will only handle drainage . Other services / taxes shift to municipality. These numbers are approximations.

Betty Argue clarified the role of ITID and how we are currently taxed.

There is a tax calculator individuals can use to estimate per millage and will be made available to the public once final numbers are received from Census and other entities.

ITID can become dependent, or dissolved by a referendum,  after the bonds are paid in 2031.

Lou noted the feasibility study was conservative in revenue projections, and the company is obtaining more data from the state now that the census is in. The study will be edited to reflect that as well as address some other state concerns.

In light of 1,0000s of violations for barns coops toys etc . We discussed codes.

County codes were discussed and that we can make our own as a municipality provided that the code is not a state law, regarding safety and well-being, such as building codes.

The municipality zoning is in the hands of the municipality.

Resident suggested we provide testimonials from those who have been violated for what has always been permitted, or from those who didn’t want to fight and left / are leaving the area because of it.

We discussed community outreach regarding our right to vote to decide our future.

Forming committees for fundraising to advertise and edit Feasibility Study, Codes, ULDC, etc. as a guide for the potential board, if the vote is approved.

We need community assistance to help spread the word of the process and those who are against and spending large sums to stop our right to vote, specifically surrounding communities.

Residents asked we simplify our responses.

We discussed the reality of annexation and especially to our north and center and how moves are being made to do so. Investors would benefit from annexation thanks to different zoning than we currently have.

We discussed the importance of having representatives (supervisors) who live in the boundary and all vote at large for the community’s best interests.

The next meeting will be held on May 9th, 2022 at the Acreage Library behind Publix at 6PM. You do not have to be there on time to be involved to to ask questions. The meetings are open forum style. We hope that our community will become more involved no matter your current stance. We welcome all views and concerns in regards to the possibility of self-government. It’s yours to decide what our future holds!

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