Local news updates for Loxahatchee/The Acreage 10/25/2021

  1. The community urgently needs your support regarding the protection of our rural lifestyle. For several years, many thought that our area would be safe from outside sources, mainly the surrounding developments and developers, “no one would be interested in us”. However, as reported in the Town Crier on 10/22/2021, Minto has publicly announced that they will be attending the local Delegation Meeting to be held on 10/28/2021 specifically to “oppose the Incorporation of The Acreage”. See details here.

    Westlake Will Oppose Acreage Incorporation At Delegation Meeting
  2. The next town hall meeting will be on 10/27/21, at the Hamlin House. We ask that you contact Lou Calantuoni at 561-236-5696 to register and additional details. Space is limited so we need to make sure we do not book beyond building capacity.
  3. There will be a Delegates Meeting on 10/28/2021 where the Citizens Group and local residents will be voicing their stance on the proposed charter and feasibility study and ask that it be approved to allow the process to continue on to the State level. There will also be local residents, as well as developers, that will be expressing their stance as being against your right to vote.

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