It’s unanimous! We have crossed the first hurdle!

For the win!!! Never ever been involved with politics before but after a 3 year battle fighting for the right to vote on saving our rural agricultural community, we got a unanimous decision from our local delegation to move forward to Tallahassee in hopes they vote YES to give us the right to vote for Self-Governing. Great job Representative Rick Roth, Lou Calantuoni, Elizabeth Accomando!!!! It’s been one helluva battle!

16 responses to “It’s unanimous! We have crossed the first hurdle!”

  1. KUDOs and GREAT WORK!! Rick really did a fantastic job greasing the skids. On to the next battle.

  2. Awesome! Great Job!!! Thank you so much!!

  3. Thank you for all your hard work

  4. Daniela Sternberg Avatar
    Daniela Sternberg


  5. Many thanks for all your hard work and time taken from home and family etc

  6. And let us not forget the people who have been showing up to support the effort in Jupiter and in our community. Remember to volunteer for committee work. Much more work to do but a great start.

  7. Good job guys

  8. Outstanding! I look forward to voting on this. It’s long overdue.

  9. Janice Grossett-Bennett Avatar
    Janice Grossett-Bennett

    Congratulations well done

  10. Congratulations!!! We’ll done!

  11. Your hard work and dedication has paid off. Thank you for everything you do! Great job!!! 👏👏👏

  12. Great job ! We need to govern ourselves not let Minto do it. Lets keep the wolf from watching the hen house !!

  13. I am happy that we will be able to exercise our right to vote.

    1. Good morning and apologies for the delayed response. We are not yet at that point but we are doing everything in our power and finances to get this to the Governor for his signature in May. If and what that happens, then it is officially on the Nov 7th ballot.

  14. Sherry Lynn Stevens Avatar
    Sherry Lynn Stevens

    OUTSTANDING Work Gentlemen!!! Thank you for all you’ve done to get us all understanding and on the same page. Tha’s not easy!

  15. Thank you immensely for your hard work!

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