Indian Trails Grove Agricultural Reserve Exchange (Application LGA 2022-021)

UPDATE: 08/30/2022 – The meeting scheduled for 09/01/2022 has been postponed until further notice. We have removed the petition deadline in order to gain as many signatures as possible. Once a new date has been set, we will update the page and send emails to everyone that has registered on our home page to receive updates.

UPDATE: 08/12/2022 @ 2 PM. Palm Beach County Planning Dept. voted NO, 8-4, on the new proposal. It will now go before the PBC BCC for a vote later this month.

PETITION ENDS ON (to be determined once a new meeting date has been set)

Hello neighbors! As you may or may not be aware already, GL Homes has a new proposal they are taking to Palm Beach County. Instead of the land swap that we ere hoping would have been approved, they have cut back the number of homes to be built here and will be building the ones they removed from the plan down in the Ag Reserve in West Boca. The proposal decreases the number of homes from 3897 to 2612 that will be built here now.

So here are our options;

  1. Sign the petition to support the land exchange and reduce the amount of units that could be built at Indian Trails Grove by over 1,200 homes. Signing the petition will also show support for a new water project that will help reduce flooding..
  2. Do nothing and keep the existing 3,800 units that are currently approved.

Communities in the surrounding areas like Royal Palm Beach, Westlake, Ardin, Palm Beach Gardens, and Lox Groves, this will affect you as well so please climb on board!

Once you sign the petition, it will email all 7 of the County Commissioners and Mr. Bryan M. Davis, Principal Planner/Urban Designer the petition and you will receive a copy as well if you check the BCC me box.

The changes to the proposal can be found below. Once you have reviewed it, please fill out the petition below if you wish to email your support.

I support the Indian Trails Grove Agricultural Reserve Exchange (Application LGA 2022-021)

This petition is now closed.

End date: Dec 26, 2022

Signatures collected: 943

Signature goal: 10000

943 signatures

Signature goal: 10000

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