How was ITID able to complete the feasibility study without requiring votes from the community?

Please see Memo from ITID Attorney re: ITID legal authority

Here’s the bill from the Florida Legislature authorizing ITID to conduct the study.

You’ll notice it references FS 165.0615 in ONE place only – in describing HOW the study was to be done. F.S. 165.0615 is ONE pathway to incorporation. F.S. 165.0615 does not require a submittal to Tallahassee for review of the feasibility study and charter, nor does it require a Special Act to allow a referendum on incorporation. (It’s worth noting here that F.S. 165.0615 was written FOR Minto – how do you think they got incorporated so fast?) It is not the only pathway. ITID completed what they were authorized to do, and the study was completed “pursuant to 165.0615.” In fact, the study EXCEEDS the requirements of 165.0615 because it actually meets the requirements of FS 165.041.

Now, a group of Citizens has submitted the feasibility study and the draft charter to Tallahassee pursuant to statute FS 165.041 and are seeking a Special Act to allow a referendum on incorporation (via Rick Roth) to get it on the Ballot.

The purpose of citizens requesting the Special Act for a Referendum and hosting meetings moving forward, is to provide broad citizen involvement in both initiating and developing our local government.

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