Home Rule Authority

Let’s talk about home rule authority. What is it? Why is it important? What does it have to do with incorporation or remaining an unincorporated area of Palm Beach County?

“The most precious powers a city in Florida has are its Home Rule powers. The ability to establish its form of government through its charter, and to then enact ordinances, codes, plans and resolutions without prior state approval is a tremendous authority. To further be able to enforce them “at home” and to make necessary changes as a city grows is a great reflection of the trust that citizens have in their respective city leaders.

Of course, city laws cannot conflict with state or federal laws. In the metropolitan Miami-Dade County government and in certain chartered county
governments, some municipal ordinances and processes are subject to county review. However, for most of Florida’s 412 municipalities, Home Rule
powers ensure that the cities are effectively and efficiently providing for the wishes of their citizens.”


To remain unincorporated, means that the County will continue to exercise home rule power over the unincorporated area we live in. We are governed by 7 county commissioners who do not live in our community. They make the rules that govern us and they make the decisions that affect us every day.

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