GL Homes’ Reduced Indian Trails Grove Plan

PLEASE NOTE: The project for a total of 3,897 homes has already been approved by Palm Beach County, there is nothing we can do about this. However, by supporting the proposed plan, it will eliminate 1,285 if we show County we support this. For more details, go to


Lesli Franco- (954-592-9108)

Arielle Roth- (239-691-0074)


Governmental Center

301 N Olive Ave

West Palm Beach, FL 33401


The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m., but our proposal is the sixth item on the agenda. Expect a few hours’ wait, perhaps even after lunch, before you speak. We encourage everyone to be there by 11am if possible.

Arrive with ample time to park, walk to the Governmental Center and pass through two security check points. If you experience an emergency or are running late, please contact our team for instructions.

When you arrive, please check in with Arielle Roth or Lesli Franco to receive your comment card for submission. All comment cards must be submitted before the agenda item is heard.


Order of Presentation:

  • Our team will present to the Commission.
  • Then, County staff will present.
  • County Commissioners will direct questions to GL Homes and County staff.
  • The agenda item will be opened for public comment (community speakers and Comment Card entries). If you are speaking, this will be your moment to support the project.


We recommend parking in the Governmental Center 4th Street Parking Lot, the Governmental Center Parking Garage or in metered street parking.

  • Governmental Center 4th Street Parking Lot ($1/half hour)- enter on 4th street between N Dixie and N Olive
  • Governmental Center Parking Garage ($1/half hour)- enter on N Dixie or N Olive, between 4th and 3rd street
  • Metered street parking ($1/hour; pay by coins, card, or Parkmobile app)


Plan to bring anything you might need while in the chambers (e.g., phone charger, spare battery, water, snacks, etc.).

Please bring a printed version of your talking points or save the document to your phone for easy reference.


  • Clematis Cafe (open 8am-4pm) – 319 Clematis St #101
  • Dolce Cafe (open 9am-3pm) – 517 N Olive Ave
  • Starbucks (open 5am-11pm) – 226 Clematis St.
  • Subway (open 8am-9pm) – 122 N Dixie Hwy
signature_1035340108Arielle Roth | Senior Account Executive 
O’CONNELL | GOLDBERG  phone: 954.964.9098 | cell: 239.691.0074 |  

4 responses to “GL Homes’ Reduced Indian Trails Grove Plan”

  1. Hi Bob,
    Would be happy to help out. Sidenote-I read ‘their piece’ on what they were looking at doing. It’s NIMBY and it looks like less pressure on our area so generally a plus. But I absolutely don’t trust/like GL. What is it you’re seeing that is being hidden?


  2. I would assume they would rather build elsewhere if possible , so the more land they can offer the county to preserve agricultural land, the better for them but especially for us! Our land here is actively being farmed. The county would get the leases. We definitely need water storage and cleansing of the water that is discharged.
    There could be any number of things coming down the pike. They could build, they could possibly incorporate if they build it all, once at 75 percent. They could change their development plan to higher density or workforce- the list goes on I suppose.

    In the here and now, this change benefits us in several ways. In addition to less traffic throughout our community, Down south is more appropriate and conforming for developments and has the infrastructure in place. The water project assists us here and provides a regonal benefit as well. Therefore I can stand behind it.

    If you cannot make the meeting, gl has a support form fill letter that sends automatically to all the commissioners.
    We expect there will be a lot of people from down south [in opposition] who have the time to attend the meeting, so letters will definitely help us.
    Here is the link and thank you!

  3. I have to say that I am very shocked at today’s Board of County Commissioner’s meeting final vote to say the least! The land swap was voted 5-2 in favor of moving the 1200+ homes down south to the Delray/Boca area. There were some changes or additions needed in order to get the deal done, and will be presented back to the BCC in August. Great job for those that helped support this project! Keep your eyes open for upcoming events or additional info on this mater in the very near future. We need this win something fierce.

    1. With billion dollar sales GL monies behind it-it had been decided before they even met. GL wouldn’t have held the hearing if they hadn’t already greased the right palms. That said-I’ll take any win we can get for holding these guys back a little longer.

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