Calculate Proposed Municipal Taxes

We have created a proposed municipal tax calculator for you to preview what the tax impact would be to you, if we were to become a municipality. The calculator asks for you to input current 2022 Tax Values and ITID Assessment values and it does the rest of the work for you.

To get the information, it can be found at the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s site by entering your last name or address, for your convenience click the link

Instructions for how to find the data needed is set out below with screenshots and the tax calculator can be found below that.

First, find your Taxable Value of your property, as shown below and write this number down.

Second, find your ITID non-ad valorem assessment and R3 values by clicking the “Property Tax Detail” link on the screen as shown below:

You will need to write both the Indian Trail Assessment and the R3 assessment values down.

Now that you have the required information, you can enter the data in the fields below as prompted on the form.

Below is an explanation of the calculation used for your proposed taxes and ITID assessment if we were to become a municipality.

  1. The Taxable Value is the amount that is used to calculate ad valorem assessments by Counties and municipalities. The proposed millage rate for the Town of Loxahatchee is 3 mills. If you multiply the 2022 Taxable Value by .003, you will get what the municipal taxes will be ie. $199,246 x .003 = $597.74
  2. It is proposed that Indian Trail Improvement District will reduce their services to primarily drainage. There will be an interlocal agreement between the ITID Board and the future council of the municipality, outlining the turnover of responsibilities and assets thereby reducing the budget requirements to run ITID to 1/3 of the current budget. We project that this will reduce the tax assessment needed for ITID to 33.33% of the current assessment plus the R3 Bond debt. Therefore if you multiply your current ITID assessment by 33.33%, this will give you the new ITID assessment, not including the Bond. It is projected that the R3 Bond amount will remain the same for the time being. ie. $1238 x .3333 (or 33.33%) = $412.63 plus the R3 Bond amount, $91.00 = $503.63 is what will be paid to ITID.
  3. Now if you add the calculated amount from #1 to #2, you will get what the proposed taxes will be, if incorporated to the municipality and to ITID. ie. $597.74 + $503.63 = $1101.37
  4. If you take the total from #3 and subtracted what you currently pay to ITID including the R3 Bond, you will get the Tax Impact amount. If it is a positive number, this is the amount your taxes are projected will increase. If it is a negative number, this is the amount your taxes are projected to decrease ie. $1101.37 – $1238.28 = $-136.91. Therefore, this resident’s taxes will decrease by $136.91 with incorporation.

3 responses to “Calculate Proposed Municipal Taxes”

  1. I call BS. No way in hell my taxes are to decrease $364.71 with all the infrastructure that will be needed to run a city government let alone the personal involved.

    1. If your property were to sell today at its current market value at $431,000, the buyer would be paying $569 more in taxes to the municipality and more to the County.

      All the increased costs are covered by $9 million PLUS of revenue that a municipality is eligible for that the Special Districts are not able to receive. We do not intend to change the character of our community or to provide urban level services and amenities which are a burden to surrounding municipalities. Lean and mean.!

    2. People who have homesteaded a long time and have large tax savings from it will benefit from incorporation vs those who are newer here and have a higher taxed rate. The way it works now you are taxes on the share of land you own (i.e. size of lot(s)) and not the value of the lots when it comes to ITID services. The vast majority of those services would be replaced with municipal services which are taxed differently.

      is that fair? I don’t know, but it is how it would work.

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