2023 Palm Beach Legislation Delegation Submittal

This is the complete information that has been submitted to the Palm Beach Local Delegation on 12/12/2022 for their review. The Delegates will vote at the Local Delegates Meeting on 01/12/2023 from 1:30 PM to 4 PM at The Els Center of Excellence, 18370 Limestone Creek Rd., Jupiter, FL 33458. We need as many from our community to attend this meeting and speak during public discussion and voice your opinion. We cannot allow our right to vote be hindered again by surrounding municipalities and developers on this attempt! This may be our last chance to live the lifestyle we’ve moved here to enjoy!

2022 PBC Legislative Delegation Roster

PBC General Zoning Map – Legend

PBC General Zoning Map

Loxahatchee Zoning Map

APPENDIX D – Loxahatchee Zoning Pending EAST

APPENDIX E – Loxahatchee Zoning Pending NORTH

APPENDIX F – Loxahatchee Zoning Pending SOUTH

APPENDIX G – Loxahatchee Zoning Pending WEST

Appendix H – Loxahatchee Land Use – EAST

Appendix I – Loxahatchee Land Use – NORTH

Appendix J – Loxahatchee Land Use – NORTHWEST

Appendix K – Loxahatchee Land Use – SOUTH

Appendix L – Loxahatchee Land Use – EAST

Appendix M – Loxahatchee Land Use – NORTHEAST

Appendix N – Loxahatchee Land Use – NORTHWEST

Appendix O – Loxahatchee Land Use – SOUTH

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