09/22/2022 Grievance Hearing @ Acreage Library

Representative Roth held productive hearings on June 22nd and July 18th, where a multitude of grievances with Planning and Zoning were discussed. Due to the outpouring of serious concerning stories, Representative Roth wants to expand the reach of these proceedings to include all residential community members, particularly those zoned Ag / Residential, who may have similar issues. This follow up meeting will be a General Public meeting where anyone may attend. If you have had problems with actions taken by Palm Beach County Planning and Zoning or Code Enforcement, please attend and invite any neighbors who have had similar issues.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Acreage Branch Library
Main conference room
15801 Orange Boulevard
Loxahatchee, Fl., 33470

Anyone attending either remote or in person is required to register. For those people attending in person, please contact Sheila Jackson to register. Additionally, please notify her if you wish to speak. Sheila.Jackson@myfloridahouse.gov

For those people attending via Zoom, please contact Jon Carter to register. Additionally, please notify him if you wish to speak. Joncarterusa@gmail.com. Registered zoom attendees will receive a link to join the meeting, which will only be accessible by the registrants email address. Please understand that sharing the link with un-registered residents will not work.

We will prepare a list of people that wish to speak in order of registration. To be clear, people that pre-registered to speak in person will speak first, followed by those filling out comment cards, followed by those who wish to speak online if time allows.

There are two distinct reasons for this format. Most importantly, the purpose is to inform and build a group of concerned residents. The only purpose of registration is to identify those concerned citizens who participated, to facilitate future correspondence on code enforcement issues.

​Representative Rick Roth

A summary video was posted of the 07/18/2022 meeting if you wish to review the resident’s grievances and concerns. It can be viewed here. https://votelox2022.com/07-18-2022-hearing-on-residents-grievances-against-palm-beach-county-planning-and-zoning-code-enforcement/

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