01-22-2023 Newsletter Update

Hello neighbors!

We hope this newsletter post finds you well. We wanted to provide an update on a few items concerning the Self-Government/Incorporation effort.

1. On 01/12/2023, the Palm Beach Local Delegation unanimously voted YES on the bill which will allow the right to vote on Incorporation. This was the first step and a big hurdle!

2. The next step is Tallahassee. There will be at least 2 committees that will inspect and review the submitted documents, the proposed Charter and Feasibility Study. This will take place during the legislative session which starts in March. If it passes through committees, it will then go to the House floor for reading and vote twice and then to the Senate for their vote. If the bill passes both legislative bodies, it will then be presented to the Governor for his review and final decision at the end of the legislative session. 

We, The Citizens Group, are planning on representation in Tallahassee during the committee meetings and session. We will post the dates these should be taking place when we receive them, they are usually very short notice. (3 business days)

3. Donations – We would like to ask for the community’s support by donating to our cause. Even if it is just $1.00 per household, it would greatly help with the mounting costs for advertising and outreach. If you would like to show your support by donating, you can visit our donation page at https://buy.stripe.com/4gwcOGbDl7C85Ik6oo 

4. Committees – We are inviting residents to participate in committees we are creating. Committees include Planning/Zoning, Code Enforcement, Finance, and Communications (advertising/Wordpress knowledge). If you are interested in becoming involved with shaping our future, please go to the Committee Registration page at https://votelox2022.com/get-involved/ .

We will be reaching out to those that register very soon to begin organizing the groups. More info can be found on the web page. We hope to see you there!Lastly, If you would like to continue to receive email updates, we ask that you subscribe for updates on the homepage here. Any and all updates on the VoteLox website will email you immediately. We want to ensure as many residents as possible are being notified of the progress and any feedback we may need from you. We would like to thank those that have supported us, as well as those that have donated to our effort. We really appreciate it!
Feel free to reach out to us at info@votelox.com with any questions or comments you may have or you may comment below.
 Best regards,

The Citizens Group;
Lou Calantuoni
Bob Morgan
Elizabeth Accomando

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